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Finding Interview Attire on a Tight Budget
Winter 2014: Finding Interview Attire on a Tight Budget
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Presentable fashion on a budget is one of the hardest thrifty tips to master. Falling on hard times can make purchasing clothing an even more daunting task; however, if you’re out looking for work or interviewing for a job, the best thing you can do to help your search is to look the best you can.

For shopping on a budget, we live in one of the best areas. The Ozarks is bursting at the seams with upscale resale stores and thrift shops. With a little patience and an eye for the right style, you can get an outfit (or two) on even the smallest of budgets.

Before you head out to hit the stores here are some tips for the types of items you should be on the lookout for when looking for interview attire:

  1. Dark, neutral colors are your best friend in an interview. They are professional and sleek. Plus, when you interview, you want your personality to scream “HIRE ME!” and not a hot pink pantsuit.
  2. Shoes for an interview should be modest, clean and neutral with a low heel.
  3. A suit jacket can complete an interview look and really make it look polished.
  4. The bottom half of any interview attire should be pants or a modest skirt. Shorts are never an option for a professional interview.
  5. A pop of color in your interview attire can help you stand out in a subtle way. Your pop of color should never be something neon or ultra-bright, but instead be something subdued like a dark blue, green or red.
  6. Skin that is showing after you have your outfit on should be very modest. If you go for a skirt, it should go at least to the top of your knee. Your top should be buttoned as to not show off a lot of cleavage.

With those tips in mind, there are a vast array of resale stores and thrift shops that you can visit to find some great items at a great deal. Try checking out some of these stores:


  • The Plaid Door, 1920 E. Sunshine St
  • Red Racks Thrift Store, 1749 S. Campbell, 2855 S. Kansas Expy and 1711 N. Glenstone Ave
  • Plato’s Closet, 1258 E. Battlefield Rd
  • Uptown Cheapskate, 1724 E. Battlefield Rd


  • Wheezies Upscale Resale, 103 W. Church St
  • Neat Repeats, 911 W. Jackson St


  • Wheezies Upscale Resale, 128 U.S. 65 Business
  • Consignment Clothing Exchange, 4370 Gretna Rd
  • Humane Society Thrift Store, 2837 Shepherd of the Hills Expy

This isn’t an exhaustive list of stores where you can snag a great deal. Just remember when you go into the store to look for interview attire, you have to be patient to find the best pieces. Sometimes it can take a little time to wade through racks and racks of clothing until you find the right piece for the right price.

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