Teething Tribulations

Teething Tribulations
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Teething is a difficult time for babies and parents alike. Babies scream and cry from the uncomfortable feelings, and caregivers feel helpless. Many turn to over-the-counter pain remedies, such as Baby Orajel or similar products. While this is done with good intentions, the FDA has warned against such remedies for babies, especially those under two as one of the ingredients can cause a serious and sometimes fatal condition known as methemoglobinemia.

So what is a parent to do when your sweet baby is screaming and drooling while grinding their gums on anything that they can fit in their mouths?

Well, with my now 23-month-old daughter, we stuck to teething rings, teething biscuits, and wet or frozen washcloths. Did our tools always do the trick? Unfortunately not. I did break down and give her acetaminophen a couple times as a last-ditch effort to make her, and myself, feel better. And I did get away with a couple keepsake pictures of her with her teething biscuit and her dad with his cookies. She wanted one of his cookies so bad, but we wouldn’t let her as she was only about 10 months old. So we tricked her by sneaking a teething biscuit into the cookie container. She bought into it, and it made for a couple cute photos.

Now, with my eight week old quickly approaching the teething stage (and my nearly-two year old working on her molars), I’m excited to try a new method of teething relief. Well, new for me, anyway. It’s a natural remedy that anyone can make at home.  You can find it here.

Or if you want to wait for some testimony on it, I will post an update on my experiences with the homemade recipe in a few months. Once we are in the heart of teething. What joy.

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