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Offers free membership while helping small businesses
Springfield MO Moms

Going several days without an adult conversation, or at least one without mention of diaper changes and nap durations, you might start to feel as if you’re living in a loop. Springfield MO Moms seeks to bring those families together to build connections and just get out of the house every once in a while. The group also helps small businesses by offering sponsorships on their sites, directing their members to those services, while keeping membership free to all in the area.

What is the purpose of your group and target audience?

Our motto is “to help Springfield moms find sense of community.”

How often do you meet? And where?

We have playgroups hosted by our Playgroup Director, Kristi, once a week on average, plus our Moms Night Out, with Jackie, is once a month. And then the group also takes part in other meetings or events based on current activities.

What are the membership fees/requirements?

No membership fees; we are funded by sponsorship. The only requirement is being a mom, preferably in the Springfield area!

Springfield MO Moms
What can moms expect when attending one of your meetings or playdates?

You will meet other moms and children to build lasting friendships with and leave feeling a sense of “community” by belonging to something bigger than one individual.

How do moms benefit? How do kids benefit?

Moms and children benefit by socializing regularly, being active, and once again belonging to a community.

Do children need to be of a certain age group?

There is no age requirement for children or moms; each playgroup is different and can vary on ages for their activities.

Are you affiliated with any other mom’s groups in the area?

No. We are independently created and operated since 2010.

How can someone find out more information on the club?

Go to our website at www.springfieldmomoms.com, or find us on Facebook under “Springfield Missouri Moms Group.”

What would you say is the best thing about your group?

Our openness, welcoming environment/attitudes, and definitely our dependability is No. 1!!

Is there anything else our readers should know about your group not covered above?

Our playgroups/newsletter are open for dads and other guardians, as well; not just moms! We also fund our group with sponsorship as stated above and are very proud of the affordable, small business network we have built and have to offer to Springfield small businesses!


If you are interested in finding a sense of community in the Springfield area, contact Springfield MO Moms At:



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