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Hundertwasser Flowers
Spring 2015: Hundertwasser Flowers
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5 and up

Background Information

Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser was a painter and architect known for his enthusiasm for environmental issues. Looking at Hundertwasser’s flower paintings, you and your child can notice and talk about the use of color, shapes and lines.

Some of Hundertwasser’s paintings used warm colors (red, orange and yellow) and cool colors (green, blue and purple) together to create contrast.

Directional lines: vertical, horizontal, diagonal

  • Use all cool colors or all warm colors.
  • Glue a button in the middle of flowers.
  • Use layers of different sized circles cut from cereal boxes to make flowers.
  • Color contrast (warm/cool)
  • Identify and use directional lines
  • Artist Hundertwasser
  • Abstract art


Art Project

What you need
  • Construction paper
  • Paint (we used watercolors)
  • Glue*
  • Yarn

*Please Note: Craft glue will work better than regular white glue.

  • Choose warm or cool colors for the background. Your flowers will be in the opposite colors to achieve contrast. Paint alternating horizontal stripes using at least two of these colors. Fill the entire paper. Let dry.
  • Cut out long flower stems or tree trunks out of construction paper. Glue onto background. Add leaves if you’d like.
  • Trace and cut out a circle from a piece of paper or thin cardboard. Glue onto stems/trunks. Choose yarn colors in cool colors if your background is warm, and warm colors if your background is cool. Starting from the center, create a swirl by gluing yarn onto the circle. You can switch colors if you’d like your circles to have more than one color. When the entire circle is covered in yarn, trim excess yarn.
  • Repeat step #3 for as many trees as you would like.
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