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Help Your Kids Pick Out Gifts for the Family
Special Section Feature: Gift of Giving

Help Your Kids Pick Out Gifts for the Family

Christmas is a magical time for most youngsters, especially with the prospect of unwrapping presents on the horizon. It’s also a great opportunity to share in the magic of gift giving, letting them get just as excited about a family member or friend unwrapping presents, too. There’s nothing more special than a thoughtful gift from a child in your life, even if it’s a silly tie you wouldn’t have otherwise chosen or pair of Shrinky Dink earrings with a kitty cat on it—a hint from your child that she wants a pet. If your child is having trouble finding the “perfect” present at the store, these ideas might help get them started.

For Dad

Love those smiling mugs — Does Daddy need a new coffee mug or mouse pad with his little boy’s or girl’s face on it? Of course! And with websites like Shutterfly and Snapfish, it’s easier than ever to personalize these keepsakes.

Something to do together — Is Dad a fisherman or golfer and has been eyeing a new accessory to go along with his hobby? Why not buy a new pole or club! Along with the gift, your kiddo can make a coupon for a day of catching fish or putt-putt golf—when the weather improves, of course.

Java jacket — This cute idea will give Daddy something to talk about at the office. Your kids can take a striped or solid colored sock and cut into a reusable sleeve for to-go coffee cups. It can be decorated with buttons, ribbon, felt and other crafting supplies.

For Mom

Help her accessorize — If Mom likes jewelry, she’ll love the charm bracelet tradition. Help your kid pick out a charm each year to add to the bracelet. Every time it jingles on her wrist, she’ll think of all those cherished Christmas memories.

Promote relaxation — Is some much-needed Mommy time in order? Maybe some bath salts or a candle can help encourage her to take some time off, with her children’s blessings! A spa gift certificate would be a great present, as well.

Smell the roses — Does Mama like flowers? Get her favorite variety to complement that vase that the littles made/decorated at Village Pottery or Noah’s Art.

For Siblings

Bring the store to them — Buying for your brother or sister is hard. Parents can make it easier by buying several small stocking-stuffer-like items and allowing each child to choose gifts from the cache for his siblings.

Remembering their favorite color — Help her find three to five things brother and/or sister might like, each in their favorite colors, and put in the basket. From there, she can narrow it down to just that special one for each that she thinks they’ll love the most.

Hot cocoa anyone? — Recycle those used mason jars this year by filing them up with love and hot cocoa mix. Help your kids make the mixture to fill up half the jar with, completing the yummy treat with a layer each of chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. The jars can be personalized by painting one side with chalkboard paint and writing the sibling’s name on it.

For Grandparents

Personalize it — Take those lovable photos of the brood and make something memorable, like a photo book, key chain, magnet or calendar.

All hands on deck — Whether it’s a tiny footprint or handprint on a Christmas ornament or plate, Grandparents love these fun items to decorate the house.

Let it snow — Christmastime is a great opportunity to try out those Pinterest ideas and who better to receive those crafts than Grandma and Grandpa (who won’t judge if they turn out a little different than expected)! Recycle those baby food jars that keep piling up by turning them into snow globes. Check out Martha Stewart’s DIY instructions to get you started,

For Friends

Ring in the new year — Girls can make their friends matching rings and necklaces they make from buttons, felt and string. These are simple and easy to do and friends will love that personal touch.

Tokens for everyone — Boys might not be so into the crafting, so for their friends, a trip to the arcade with the present of free tokens might be just the ticket.

Making a love cake — While it doesn’t necessarily need to be a cake, there are plenty of yummy treats to bake with lots of love and lots of sugar! Find out from the friend’s parents what their child’s favorites are and whip out the aprons for a day in the kitchen.

For Giving Tree

It’s important to remind kids that there are others in our community who aren’t as fortunate and won’t get much for Christmas. A great way to do that is to sponsor a child on a local Giving Tree, which can be found at Walmart, your church or other charitable organizations. Most will provide an age of the child and list of things he or she needs. Try to choose a child close in age to yours so it will be easier for them to pick out age-appropriate items.

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