DIY Piggy Bank
Saving for the Future

Introducing the idea of money to kids is quite the task. But it is never too early to start teaching your kids how to think responsibly about good money management. One of the craftiest ways I’ve found is with an adorable minion piggy bank (of course, you can adapt the directions to fit any character of your choice; I see an Olaf in someone’s near future!). And what better way to show them how to start saving their pennies than by making a bank instead of buying one.

  • Empty, plastic 2 Liter soda bottle with cap
  • Scissors or an Exacto knife
  • Black electrical tape
  • Yellow spray paint
  • Blue spray paint
  • Pencil
  • 2 buttons
  • White, blue and black contruction paper
  • Hot glue gun with glue stick or super glue
  • Mason jar lid or candle lid
  1. Remove the label from the outside of the bottle and set the cap aside for later. Rinse the empty bottle with hot soapy water and let dry.
  2. Use scissors or an Exacto knife to cut the bottom of the bottle off. Most soda bottles have a line at the bottom that you can use as a guide.
  3. Cut a 1/4” wide by 1” rectangle on the upper, back side of the bottle (see photo to the right). Place the cap back on the bottle. Spray the top portion of the bottle with the yellow paint and the bottom, detached portion of the bottle with blue paint. Make sure to do this in a well ventilated, flat area, such as somewhere outside.
  4. Place a sheet of paper or a flattened trash bag underneath the bottle to make sure you don’t get paint on your porch or sidewalk. Let dry.
  5. While the paint is drying, prepare the minion’s eye. Use the top of your Mason jar or candle lid to trace a circle on the white paper. Cut out the circle and glue to the inside of the lid. Use the top of the bottle cap to trace a circle on the black paper. Cut out and glue to the inside, middle of the lid.
  6. Prepare the top part of the overalls by cutting out a 3” wide by 21/2” rectangle and two 3/4” by 61/2” strips; set aside.
  7. Get the top, yellow part of the bottle and use the black electrical tape to go all the way around where you would like the eye to be. Glue the eye on top of the electrical tape.
  8. Glue on the blue rectangle, centered underneath the eye and aligned with the cut, bottom part of the bottle. There will be about 1” of yellow between the eye and the rectangle. Now, glue on each of the blue strips, starting at the top left and right corner of the blue rectangle, connecting in the back. Glue a button on top of each of the corners.
  9. Finally, place the top, yellow part of the bottle into the bottom, blue part of the bottle and wrap the electrical tape around the two pieces to hold them together until it’s time to open up your full piggy bank.

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