New Spin on Baby Shower Favorite
Onesie Cupcakes

Diaper cakes are becoming more popular and more creative each baby shower season. The gift is a favorite among moms because it offers several must-have items—from diapers, bottles, receiving blankets and more—all nicely packaged. But not all have the time or craftiness to devote to such a gift. This craft is an easy-to-do alternative to the time-strapped party-goer or thrower, based off the blog Club Chica Circle at

  • 4-pack of infant onesies ~ $7.94
  • 2-pack of infant socks ~ $1.87
  • Cupcake gift box for four (3-pack) ~ $3.50
  1. Clasp snaps together and fold arms and sides of onesie in to make a long rectangle.
  2. Fold the garment in half again long ways, making a long tube.
  3. Lay sock out at one end of the onesie, perpendicular to its length, with the opening of the sock at the bottom.
  4. Roll the onesie up over the middle of the sock and continue to roll until there is no more slack.
  5. Bring the opening of the sock up under the rolled onesie to make a cupcake sleeve, thus holding the “cupcake” together with a toe of the sock serving as the “icing.”
  6. Either leave unembellished or use a decorative cupcake sleeve for added effect.
  7. Place in the cupcake gift box. (Note: Because my box was plain white, I used a ribbon to complete the craft)

Total cost*: $13.31

* not including optional items, such as cupcake sleeves or ribbon.

Total time: 15 minutes


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