MOMS Club of Ozark

Offers support, friendships

Serving moms and their children from Ozark, Nixa, Republic and South Springfield, MOMS Club of Ozark seeks to give moms a support system and adult interaction mixed with fun activities and friendships to entertain their children. Don’t worry about toting a diaper bag to any of the club’s meetings or events as children are welcome to all events—minus Moms Night Out and Couples Night Out events (we all need a break sometimes). Member and former membership vice president Angel Freeman answered our questions about the club.

What is the purpose of your organization? Who is your target audience?

We are a support group for area stay-at-home moms, or even part-time working moms. We provide a support system for all moms and provide activities that enrich their lives as well as the lives of their children.

How often do you meet?

We meet as often as our members are willing to host. This may be four times a week to sometimes only once a week. We always have a minimum of one activity a week and one business meeting a month.

Where do you meet?

We meet at public locations like Discovery Center, Chic-fil-A and Silver Dollar City. We also meet at our members’ homes for play dates. Our monthly business meeting is located at a church in Ozark.

What are the membership fees/requirements?

The membership fees are $25.00 and are paid upon joining and then annually. This covers things like office supplies. Other than that, there are no requirements. You may host and come to as little or as many events as you want.

What can a mom expect when attending one of your meetings?

At our monthly meeting, we discuss any business that needs to be handled. This may include discussing our service projects or any changes that need to be made. At a play date (whether public or at a member’s home) you can expect anywhere between 2 and 10 mothers and their children. It may be an unstructured play date or one that is a little more planned, like a story time. You can expect lots of laughs and good times for you and your children.

How can a mom benefit from the meeting? How can children benefit?

The benefit of coming to the meeting would be to keep up to date on anything the club has decided and what will be happening with the service projects. The benefits of coming to our play dates or events are endless. We offer the opportunity to make friends for yourself and your children. These friendships can turn into lifelong friendships. You child can benefit through learning opportunities and socialization provided by activities and interaction with the other children. For mommies, we offer a chance to get out of the house and get that much needed adult interaction sometimes lacking in a stay-at-home mother’s daily life.

Do the children have to be of a specific age group to attend?

There are occasionally play dates centered around a certain age, most often babies or toddlers (under 2). These types of play dates are not very common, though, and older siblings are always welcome. All other activities/events are open to all ages.

Are there any other MOMS Club groups in the area?

Currently we are the only operating club in our area. Our group covers Nixa, Ozark, Sparta, Republic and South Springfield (south of Sunshine). If you are interested in starting your own, you can find a registration form at:

How can someone find out more information about the club?

You can contact us through email at or by our public Facebook page. We will send you a list of a few of the next play dates/events. After attending one meeting and one play date/event, you may decide whether you would like to join. Upon joining, you will be given a welcome packet that will include the group roster and our most up-to-date calendar. You will also be added to our private Facebook page, where most of our interactions occur and where you will be invited to all events.


MOMS Club Information

If you are interested in starting a MOMS Club in your area, Fill out the registration form at:

Areas Served: Nixa, Ozark, Sparta, Republic and South Springfield (south of Sunshine Street)




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