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Spring 2015

Summer 2015 Features

Get to know our Summer dadtrepreneur, The Deck Company owner, Michael Ormsby. Find out more about how to seize fatherhood in our issue’s special section feature. And get tips on going back-to-school as a parent in our survival guide.

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Spring 2015

Spring 2015 Features

Get to know our Spring momtrepreneur, Shaila’s owner, Ashley Holt. Find out more about how to stay sane while spring cleaning in our issue’s feature. And, in our special section on growing and glowing, find our feature on planning for a positive birth experience.

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Winter 2014


Winter 2014 Features

Get to know our Winter momtrepreneur, Dandylions’ owner, Gabby Lampe. Find out more about how to share the gift-giving spirit in our issue’s feature. And, in our special section on getting through hard times, find our feature on finding help to heal through support of local groups.

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Fall 2014

Fall 2014 Features

Read more about our Fall momtrepreneur, Christina Thomas and how she now serves maternity, pediatrics, athletes and animal patients during the week while staying committed to herself and her family on the weekends. In our special section, get tips on how to budget your time and money.

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Summer 2014

Summer 2014 Features

Find out more about Susan Mellentine’s experience as a mother and preschool owner as well as learn new ways to have fun and stay cool this summer. In our special section, get tips from local tutoring businesses on how to find tutoring and/or enrichment help this school year.

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Spring 2014

Spring 2014 Features

Get to know our Spring momtrepreneur, Sweet Repeats’ owner, Amy Miller. Find out more about the myths of child sexual abuse and how to avoid predators in our issue’s feature. And, in our special section on pregnancy, find our feature on prepping you and your relationship for parenthood.

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Winter 2013

Winter 2013 Features

Rebekah Batson, with Mrs. B’s Accessories, shares more about how her business partners with multiple philanthropy events all while being a mother. Find tips on how to winterize your home and our special section’s gift-giving guide.

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Fall 2013

Fall 2013 Features

Granolove’s owner, Christine Daues, talks about running her own business that gives back to the hospital that has done so much for her family. Find features on breastfeeding myths and support groups as well as how to instill a feeling of gratitude in your children. This issue’s special section has your checklist for birthday party planning as well as your hospital bag for D-Day (delivery day).

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Summer 2013

Summer 2013 Features

The duo of Kelly Evans and Lisa Schlientz founded the nonprofit Cover Your Bum cloth diaper bank in Springfield. Find a comparison of cloth and disposable diapers as well as a guide to summer safety in the special section.

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Spring 2013

Spring 2013 Features

Glynis Nelson shares her experiences of sharing her love for fitness with other mothers while also raising a family. Find a Mother’s Day gift guide and Easter decoration and craft ideas as well as local Spring Break destinations.

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