Ms. Mahan's Art Time

Jessica Mahan
Jessica Mahan

Ms. Mahan’s Art Time

Jessica Mahan, an art teacher for the Republic School District, is also an area artist. Her artwork can be viewed at

Paint Swatch Snowmen

Winter 2013: Paint Swatch Snowmen

In my elementary art class, I always look forward to winter so we can make these cute paint swatch snowmen. I look a bit ridiculous walking through the hardware store with a handful of paint swatches for about 100 kindergartners, but it is so worth it. Kids love paint swatches! This is a no-fail winter […]


Summer 2013: Symmetrical Alien Bugs

Children love creepy, crawly insects. Aliens are even better. Combine the two and you will have the attention of every child. This project also focuses on a math concept: symmetry. Art is a great tool for absorbing math skills. Integrating art with math improves visualization, problem solving and critical thinking. Even the children struggling in […]


Spring 2013: Starry, Starry City Night

To be creative is to be open to all sorts of possibilities and is an important part of child development. At a young age, most children are brimming over with limitless amounts of creativity but lack the resources to put their ideas into action. Unfortunately, creativity becomes hard to maintain as they reach an age […]