Breastfeeding Support

The Greater Ozarks Regional Breastfeeding Coalition

Breastfeeding Support

Founded in January 2013, the Greater Ozarks Regional Breastfeeding Coalition is a collaborative group of lactation professionals, health workers, and interested community members dedicated to promoting, supporting, and protecting breastfeeding in our community. Representatives from Cox Health, Mercy-Springfield, Jordan Valley Community Health Center and the Springfield-Greene County Health Department work together to improve the health of our community by protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding as the normal method of infant nutrition. This is undertaken solely as a public health initiative to achieve optimal health, enhance child development and foster effective parenting. The Coalition plans to accomplish this purpose through education, outreach and advocacy.

A First Line of Defense for Baby

Winter 2014: A First Line of Defense

Breastfed Babies have a strong immune system from mom and are equipped for a range of emergencies. There are news reports and images from around the world of unsettling events including public health emergencies, conflict, natural disasters and weather-related events. These emergencies often occur when we least expect it, or when we’re not prepared. Disasters […]


Winter 2013: Normalizing what’s Natural

I could never breastfeed my baby in public! It would just be too embarrassing, and someone might ask me to leave. If this sounds like you, you aren’t alone. Fear of public embarrassment keeps many mothers confined at home, which leads to early abandonment of breastfeeding. According to the most recent Centers for Disease Control […]

Breastfeeding Support from Dad's and Mom's Perspective

Summer 2015: Breastfeeding Support from Dad’s and Mom’s Perspective

Breastfeeding Support from Dad’s Perspective As a father, I can tell you I am pragmatic about breastfeeding. I found that there are four main benefits of breastfeeding: the spit up doesn’t smell as bad, the diapers don’t smell as bad, it can save your family a lot of money, and most important it is always […]

Pumping Experience

Summer 2014: 8 Tips for an optimal pumping experience

Heading back to work or school and still breastfeeding? With a little bit of planning, you can do this! Find some tips and suggestions below from Greater Ozarks Regional Breastfeeding Coalition so that you can continue to have a successful breastfeeding experience.   Talk with your school advisor or your employer about pumping or nursing […]

Natural Changes for Breastfeeding

Spring 2015: Natural Changes for Breastfeeding

Changes are going on right now in your body to prepare the breasts for feeding your newborn. Those changes begin early in pregnancy. During pregnancy, your body secretes prolactin as well as other hormones, which prepare the breast for nourishing your baby. You may have noticed the areola of the nipple becoming darker. This darkening […]

Preparing to Breastfeed

Spring 2014: Preparing to Breastfeed

Ever feel like pregnancy is one long, never-ending “to-do” list? Maybe you’re working down the list and feeling pretty good until you come to breastfeeding. What do you need? What do you do to prepare? What should you buy? Where can you find help? First, remember that all you really need for successful breastfeeding are […]

Breastfeeding Coalition

Fall 2014: The Gold Standard for Infant Nutrition

Benefits for baby, mom, society The American Academy of Pediatrics considers breast milk the gold standard for infant nutrition. Thus, the AAP recommends breastfeeding exclusively for six months with continued breastfeeding for at least one year. In Missouri, 77 percent of mothers begin breastfeeding in the hospital, less than 40 percent are still nursing at 6 months, […]