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Sponsorships may have changed over the years for what is now Go Momma Playgroup, but the mission remains the same: for mommies and children alike to build lifelong memories, connections and friendships. Children get to practice social skills and moms receive a network for advice and friendships by attending play dates and moms night out. While many playgroups and activities follow Go Momma Fitness classes as the fitness group powers the club and is organized by the same local mommy, Glynis Nelson, there is no requirement to join both to be part of the other—all moms and their children are welcome to join Go Momma Playgroup.

How long has your group been available?

We started as Luna Mom’s Club in 2008. Our sponsorship changed from Luna to Plum Organics in 2012, so our name changed to reflect that. We had another sponsorship change in October 2013 to become Go Momma Playgroup.

What is the purpose of your group and target audience?

Our goal is to provide meaningful experiences for both mom and child(ren). Through playgroups, we facilitate uplifting supportive conversation for mom and developmental activities for children that emphasize wonder, discover and creativity. We strive to provide an activity to allow moms to re-discover adult conversation and personal passions through moms nights out.

How often do you meet? And where?

We meet at least once per week and often more than that. On Fridays, we hold a playgroup directly after Go Momma Fitness classes. Typically, we will also have outings scheduled two or three times per month—such as zoo visits, story hours, etc. Once per month, we have a Moms Night Out and quarterly we participate in a Moms with a Mission activity to help better the community and participate in activities focused on giving back.

What are the membership fees/requirements?

There’s no cost associated for moms to join and moms can join at anytime. We don’t require Go Momma Fitness membership to be a part of Go Momma Playgroup.

What can moms expect when attending one of your meetings or playdates?

Our playgroups normally have a theme, so we might do a fingerprint caterpillar painting after reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” or have everyone bring their favorite trains and toy cars for a Things That Go playgroup. It’s a very laid back, welcoming environment.

How do moms benefit? How do kids benefit?

Moms benefit from the amazing sense of community. We have members that are first-time moms of infants to moms of four.

The moms are great to share advice, commiserate on experiences, and help each other out.

The majority of our moms stay at home at least part time, so the playgroups offer their children the opportunity to interact with other children. They form these amazing little friendships that are adorable to observe.

Do children need to be of a certain age group?

The majority of the children are infant through preschool aged. In the summers, older siblings attend as well and we try to modify activities to include them during that time.

Are you affiliated with any other mom’s groups in the area?

No, we are not affiliated with any other groups in the area.

What would you say is the best thing about your group?

The moms and their kids! I love that my 7-year-old is still friends with children he met when he was a toddler and came to the playgroups with me, and I especially love that I have friendships with other moms that run as deep.

Is there anything else our readers should know about your group not covered above?

As moms ourselves, we understand that life is about finding balance while nurturing our minds, bodies and spirits. Go Momma Playgroup was created with this aspiration in mind. By becoming a member you will build a tight community of moms to share advice, tips and most importantly laughter.


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Phone: 417.501.6262



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