Father's Day

June 16, 2013
Feature: Father’s Day

If Dad works outside the home, it can be easy to get hung up on how much he misses out (and escapes) the fun-filled chaos of your children. Likewise, if he stays home, it can be easy to envy his time with the kids. Whatever his role, every Dad has a soft spot for his children. So take a little—or a lot—of time this Sunday, June 16 to let Dad know just how much you appreciate all that he does.

For the chef

Seasonings – Buy some of his favorites. While it’s really a gift to the family, stockpiling on some of his favorite seasonings to cook with will make meal prep quicker and tastier when the seasonings are already on hand. If you want to get a little fancy with it, buy gourmet seasonings.

Cook a homemade rendition of his favorite meal – If you’re a true Betty Crocker, this may seem like a no-brainer. For those culinary-challenged (like myself), this may be a little more difficult. Enlist help from your children, which can offer an excuse as to why things taste just a little too salty or overdone. To avoid the whole scenario of figuring out why something tastes weird, consider the next idea.

Bake him his favorite dessert – I may not be a Betty Crocker, but you could mistake me for Little Debbie. If your hubby has a sweet tooth, let him indulge with some homemade deliciousness that has just as much love as sugar.

A new kitchen appliance he wants – Be it a juicer, coffee pot, Dutch oven or grill, this will be another gift for the family disguised as a gift just for him. If he has everything he needs, consider an accessory, such as skewers for preparing kabobs on the grill.

For the DIY-ers

Tools – “If I just had (insert random tool name here), I could (insert any number of chores here).” Help your hubby accomplish some things on his—and your—to-do list by adding to his collection of tools. If he has all the tools he needs, consider a new toolbox or materials he needs for some of his favorite projects.

Brew-your-own kits – Homemade beers and wines are back by popular demand. Several retailers carry these types of kits, but if you want to keep your dollars local with area expertise, consider making a trip to The Home Brewery in Ozark.

For the man’s man

Shave kit – While you and/or he may prefer the mountain man look, every beard needs a good trimming—or shaving off— every now and then.

Workout equipment – If your man likes to workout, get him something to help his routine. This may be a gym membership, a couple personal training sessions, a new at-home system, or just a simple set of weights.

Poker table set – Let him have a guy’s night out while staying in. While he won’t have to pay as much for drinks or food as he would if he were going out, it may be just as costly depending on his gambling luck.

For the office man

Coffee – Office work often requires caffeine. If he is coffee drinker, get him anything coffee; a new coffee machine for his desk, new coffee mug (maybe fashioning his children’s handprints and names since it is a Father’s Day gift, after all) or a bag of gourmet coffee.

Tie – Albeit cliché and predictable, there’s a reason it’s a timeless gift.

Cuff links – Similar to the tie, new cuff links will give him variety to his office attire.

Computer case/briefcase – If his case is worn out and it’s time for an upgrade, take care of it for him. Who knows when, and if, he will ever do it for himself.

For the outdoors man

Tickets to a game – If he isn’t into the Springfield Cardinals, plan a trip to Kansas City for a Royals game or St. Louis for a Cardinals game. If he isn’t into baseball period, make mock IOU tickets to a game that he can redeem for real tickets when his team is in-season. Until then, buy him something with his favorite team’s emblem or player’s name.

Gear for his favorite outdoor activity –Help Dad get a little R&R by giving him a new club, glove, canoe, paddles, pole, tent, sleeping bag or what-have-you. Encourage bonding time with your children by pairing his adult gear with a child’s version of the same equipment.

For the music man

Tickets to a concert – Find out if his favorite musician or band is on tour. While Springfield doesn’t make the cut for a lot of tour stops, Kansas City, St. Louis and/or Oklahoma City usually do. If the show is several months away and the tickets haven’t gone on sale yet, make mock tickets. Just be sure to follow-up and purchase the tickets when they become available.

New instrument or accessory – If he needs a new instrument, let him pick it out. If that’s just not in the budget this year, consider an accessory, like strings, cases, pedals, or picks. A Pick Punch will let him create his own guitar picks from old (or shouldn’t-be-used) credit cards, accidently-taken hotel room keys and other similar plastic materials.

For any dad

Watch – If hubby is an appointment-maker and/or has difficulty making it anywhere on time, a watch may help. Or at least give no excuse for tardiness.

Wallet – Sporting a wallet with his favorite comic book character? Leather stitches ripping? Just plain worn out? There are countless scenarios that could lend itself to a wallet being the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Clothes – Unless Dad is one of the few men that needs a closet bigger than Mom does, chances are he could use a new pair of jeans, shirt, and/or shoes. It’s something he will appreciate and he wouldn’t likely do for himself—and if his closet selection of date-night worthy outfits is small, it gives you both something to enjoy.

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