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Fall 2013: Tooth Fairy Traditions

Every birthday brings new milestones. Around the sixth birthday, most children lose their first teeth. Here in United States, that lost tooth means that it’s time for a visit from the Tooth Fairy! If you’d like to create some Tooth Fairy traditions, we have some ideas and resources to get you started.

A Tooth Record

Use a tooth chart to record which tooth was lost, along with the when, where and how details. You can Google “tooth chart” for an image that you can use, or you can visit The Office of the Tooth Fairy online ( to purchase your own tooth fairy kit.

A Tooth Fairy Door

The Tooth Fairy has to be able to get into your child’s room to collect the tooth and leave his/her gift. You can make this easier for her by installing a tooth fairy door. Pick up a dollhouse door at a craft or hobby store and finish it to your liking, and then attach it to the wall. The Tooth Fairy will use her fairy magic to make it work properly. (example here:

A Tooth Holder

Make it easier for the Tooth Fairy to find her prize by putting it in something. You could customize a plate or bowl at a paint-your-own pottery place, make a tooth box from a matchbox or other small container covered in scrapbook paper, or help your child make his/her own felt tooth pouch (instructions here: If you aren’t crafty, you can purchase a tooth pillow, which has a pocket on it to hold the tooth and sometimes even has a handle to hang it from a door knob.

The Tooth Transaction

Many kids have told us that the money they receive from the tooth fairy sparkles with fairy dust, and sometimes the Tooth Fairy even leaves a glittery trail through the house so that you can tell where she has been! The Tooth Fairy loves to receive a note from the tooth owner, and she loves a little water and cheese as a snack to keep her energy up. The Tooth Fairy can also help you keep track of those lost teeth by filling out a tooth fairy receipt (download and print a free version here:

Toothy Apps

And finally, there are a few apps out there that can help with both the fun and logistics of creating Tooth Fairy Traditions:

Tooth Fairy Beacon – Scan your child’s tooth to see how much sparkle it has and then send out a beacon to call the Tooth Fairy to your location. (iTunes)

Tooth Fairy Was Here – The Tooth Fairy is pretty stealthy, but this app allows your phone’s camera to see the Tooth Fairy in action! (iTunes)

Tooth Fairy Calculator – See an estimate of how much the Tooth Fairy might bring your child based on demographics and inflation. (

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