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Fall 2013: Finding Time for Fitness

Are you wondering how you’ll find time to workout now that you’re a mother? One of the best things you can do for your child is take care of yourself. There are ways to work fitness into your day no matter what age your child is.


While many suggest that nap time is a great time to get your fitness routine in, that’s much easier said than done. Once the baby finally goes to sleep, you’re either so exhausted yourself that you need to rest, or the mounds of laundry and sink full of dishes are staring at you and nap time turns into chore time. Make your baby part of your fitness regimen and not only will you get the health benefits, you’ll be modeling a healthy lifestyle to your child.

An easy way to start is walking—put the baby in the stroller or wear a front carrier and get moving. Make sure you’re maintaining proper posture while walking; stretch up nice and tall, eyes forward, head up, shoulders relaxed and abs tight. If you’re pushing a stroller, make sure you’re doing all of that plus keeping your wrists in a neutral position. Once you’re comfortable walking, start adding more intensity to your walks. You can speed up the pace, stop and do squats and lunges at 5–10 minute intervals throughout the walk, and add hills into your route.


Once your child is a little older, you don’t have to try to sneak a workout in—you can have her/him join you. Put on some music and have a dance party. Go outside and kick a ball around, play tag or take a walk together. If you want to create a calmer atmosphere, try doing some stretching or yoga together. Kids love to stretch tall in tree pose or go upside down for downward dog. You’ll not only be creating memories, but you’ll be teaching your child that fitness is fun.


As your child starts to become active in her/his own activities, you don’t have to become a sedentary chauffeur. Practice a favorite sport, even if you’re not very good! While your child is at practice, you can still watch while you walk laps around the field. Go on family bike rides or hikes.


Try to make everyday tasks a workout. Walk to your destination whenever you can, and take the stairs instead of elevators. When picking up toys from the floor, squat to get them instead of just bending down. Do leg lifts when brushing your teeth and calf raises while drying your hair. There is a great website,, that has an abundance of ideas of how to work little bursts of fitness into your daily activities.

Just remember that the more you move, the more calories you will burn. Consistency counts, so try to make a conscious effort to be more active each and every day!

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Glynis Nelson is the owner of Go Momma Fitness Springfield, which provides fitness classes for moms, such as Momilates, Stroller Moves, and HIIT It. She holds prenatal and postnatal exercise certifications and is certified in group fitness by American Council on Exercise. Glynis resides in Springfield with her husband and four children.

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