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DIY Diaper Cake
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Out of all the items parents need and want for a new baby, diapers are top of the list. With a DIY diaper cake, you can give parents what they need in a way that’s unique and special.

  • Approximately 70 diapers
  • Circle piece of cardboard for base
  • 1 bag of assorted rubber bands
  • 2 thin elastic headbands
  • 1 tall baby bottle
  • 1 short baby bottle
  • 2-inch wide ribbon
  • 1-inch wide ribbon
  • Scissors

Toys for decoration (optional)

  1. Roll up all 70 diapers and secure each one with a small rubber band.
  2. For the bottom tier, you will use approximately 40 diapers. Place the tall baby bottle in the center of the cardboard base and surround it with a layer of rolled diapers. Keep the layer of diapers in place with a large rubberband. Create a second layer of diapers around the first and use another large rubberband to keep in place. Create a third and final layer around the second, use a thin elastic headband to keep all diapers tightly in place.
  3. On the middle tier, you will use about 20 diapers. Build the first layer around the top of the baby bottle that is protruding form the bottom tier. Secure the first layer with a large rubberband. Complete a second layer and secure with the remaining elastic headband.
  4. For the top tier, you will use the remaining 10 diapers. Layer the diapers in a single layer around the short baby bottle, secure with a large rubber band and place on the top of the cake.
  5. Cut ribbon and wrap each layer of the cake, strategically covering up the site of headbands and rubberbands. Continue to decorate the outside of the cake with various toys or leave as is for a simplistic look.

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