Beautify Your Space AND Save Your Wallet

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Fall 2014: Beautify Your Space AND Save Your Wallet

Creating a beautiful home can have positive effects on more than just the eyes. It can actually improve our family’s emotional well-being, self esteem and contentment, too! With these benefits in mind, creating a beautiful home deserves to be a priority. With busy schedules and financial responsibilities, it can feel unattainable sometimes—but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 practical ideas to beautify your space while you still save time and money:

  1. Brighten up your space with new paint. Paint is one of the best ways to add personality or “pop” to your space without breaking the bank. To save even more money, this is a job perfect for DIYers. With a few spare hours and a budget friendly gallon of paint, you can change the look of your whole room. For a less committed option, paint an accent wall a bold color and keep the other walls neutral. Consider investing in a professional color consultation to avoid additional expense if you’re uncertain of the best color choices.
    Quick Tip:
    Opt for a higher quality paint in an Eggshell or Satin finish. It will only cost a few more dollars per gallon but is easy to wipe clean and touches up while blending well.
  2. Keep things fresh by swapping throw pillows and a few colorful accessories each season. This can be an excellent way to keep things updated and fresh without taking much time or money. If you’re tiring of your look, you can really change things up by moving furniture and accessories around to completely different rooms in your house. Think outside of the box for the best results!
    Quick Tip:
    Purchase, or make, zippered pillow covers. This will allow you to only need one set of pillow forms and also saves space when storing the covers you are not using at the time.
  3. For kids’ rooms, family rooms and home offices, choose accessories that add beauty and function. These areas tend to accumulate clutter and need organization as well as decorating. So, get more bang for your buck by using color coordinated boxes, baskets and bins. You will accomplish organization at the same time you decorate!

    Quick Tip:
    Watch for craft store coupons to get half off deals on organizing decor items. You can also cover or paint shoe boxes or flea market finds to coordinate them with your decor. This can make for a fun family project, too!
  4. Brightening your front door can make a big impact on curb appeal! Consider a bold new paint color in semi-gloss and schedule this easy afternoon project.
    Quick Tip:
    Exterior paint colors have the optical illusion of appearing lighter once applied than they look on the paint swatch. Keep this in mind when selecting your color; when in doubt, choose one shade darker.
  5. For larger projects or remodeling, be sure you have a “master plan.” Excitement can make you want to jump right in and start working, but you’ll save money and countless hours, not to mention your sanity, if you think the project through with the aid of a professional first. Certain remodeling projects will give you a much higher return on investment in raising property value. Keep this in mind when planning the budget and feasibility of your wish list. Statistically, the projects that top the list with the greatest return are replacing siding, replacing your entry door, kitchen remodel, adding square footage by finishing an attic or basement, bathroom remodel, upgraded garage doors, adding a wood deck and new windows.
    Quick Tip:
    There are many home improvements that can pay you back in the form of tax credits/incentives, energy savings, etc. This can be the case with projects as simple as energy saving window film, high efficiency appliances, and flooring made of recycled materials.
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