Kandice Matteson

Content Director/Co-publisher
Kandice Matteson

Kandice Matteson

Content Director/Co-Publisher


Children learn more from what you are than what you teach.

— W.E.B. du Bois


Two of the most precious little girls call me Mommy. Well, Ostara, my three-year-old, does. Her little sister, Freya, was born October 2012 and doesn’t call me anything just yet – Ostara continues to do most of the talking for her. I’m certain she will soon be shouting my name and making endless demands soon, as well.

After welcoming Ostara in early 2011, I knew the schedule of a full-time copy editor at a daily newspaper wasn’t compatible with the family life I wanted, so I replaced the office job with being a full-time mommy/household CEO and part-time graduate student.

I was approached with the idea of starting this publication while I was pregnant with Freya in 2012, and I was thrilled. Being a mom is more than just my primary job these days; it’s my hobby, too – I spend my free time (you know, the wee hours of the night when everyone else in the house gets to sleep) researching Mommy stuff: parenting techniques/perspectives, baby/children products, simple ways to save money/time, etc. Sharing what I do for fun with all of you seemed like a great way to fill a void in the local community and continue on with my journalism career.

I have since graduated with a master’s degree in writing and currently teach English classes at OTC and journalism classes at MSU while also juggling our publication and my own family. From Our Nest is now in our second year of publishing (known as From The Nest in our first year), and I’m honored to continue to serve the community I’m also proudly a part of! I hope you enjoy!